[uh] (noun)

1. hyper-ness of the soul via arousal of the mind and body, particularly regarding a state of sexual arousal, adrenaline infusion, creative high, exercise high, or moment before the fall

2. philosophy that life acquires meaning through and should be devoted to the pursuit of this state


[næv-wah] (adj.) 1. navy blue 2. Of the essence of that beauty found in life’s most minute and vast offerings 3. definitions 1 & 2 combined


Oh Navoise, how I long for you!

Color of the heifer that I ride away, you paint me in the lowlands with my melons out-swayed. 

Oh Navoise, how I long for you! 

Venom of the noon-ness, your dawn and dusk repose oaths the truth of proof by void.